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Parts & Accessories

Replacement parts and accessories are available..

If you require assistance, please contact us with model of machine, your contact details (full name, address and a contact telephone number) and a detailed description of the issue.

If you wish to purchase spare parts or accessories, please view our Pricing page and contact us to make payment OR

There are only two methods to pay for items, the best way is to use your PayPal accounts “send money” function. Choose “send money to friends and family”( not pay for goods)
PayPal will ask for the person to send the payment to, enter:   they will then require the amount, followed by a notes/message box. Enter what it is that you require and your address in full.
The second method is by cheque payable to Barry Wilson, 18 Church Lane, Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire, LN12 2JB.


Mr Shifta3 requires virtually no maintenance.

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